Our machines

FGS Shredders Hydraulics

They are strong, heavy-duty, and beautiful machines. Their transmission is entirely hydraulic, designed to shred any type of material: metal sheet, car frames, aluminum, etc.

SGS Shredders Mechanic

These machines are suitable for both low and high production. They are ideal for grinding materials such as: wood, plastic, electric cables etc.

GGS Granulators

This machines are designed to grind pre-ground materials and the rotor design allows higher production and lower energy consumption.

PCGS Shredders

These machines can grind materials up to 7 metres long and 700 millimetres in diameter (e.g. plastic logs or pipes).

MGS Micronizers

They machines that are used to pulverize different types of plastic, previously shredded. Thanks to the material shredding system it guarantees a higher production, less wear and tear and a better quality final product.

CGS Chippers

These are machines that are used to shrink long sized wood chips down into small flakes. They are usually employed for pellet plants in sawmills. Our chipper series is able to cut logs with a maximum diameter of 1,000 millimeters.

PT Pelletizers

These machines transform sawdust (of any material*) into pellets. The sawdust is pressed by two rollers through a die and exits in the form of pellets.

RGS Refiners

These are machines that cut wood chips into sawdust, thanks to the cutting system you can achieve high production with low energy consumption.

EGS Dryers

They are especially suitable for loose and wooden materials. The material is placed wet on the filter belt of the machine. The belt then sends the material into the drying chamber, where hot air flows through it, bringing the material to the pre-set moisture level. The air first flows through the wet material and then through the belt, achieving a double drying and filtering effect of the drying air.